RWW 36: Benchcrafted Vise Installation, The Finale

End Vise, Roubo WorkbenchI had thought about doing two more posts in this series, but based on the excitement and the number of emails I received about the last podcast, I decided to be creative in the editing and put out one more large episode. I apologize for the download time, but I hope you enjoy the finale to my Benchcrafted end vise installation.

This was a fun project that tested my abilities and taught me a lot about precision. Now that the vise is up and running, I have made more shavings playing with it. I want to thank Jameel for producing such an outstanding product and for his hints and tips along the way. Speaking of Jameel, make sure you go check out his newest product, the Glide Leg Vise!

Next week is Safety Week 2009 so make sure to stay tuned in to The Wood Whisperer Network for all the great safety information. I will be posting a new video every day so make sure to hang around.

Finally, May 1st is the launch of The Sawdust Chronicles 30 Day Build Challenge. If you don’t enter before May 1st you won’t get a chance to participate in this exciting on demand build challenge. Head on over and sign up today, time is running out fast!

Enjoy the show!

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  1. Nice job Shannon! It’s been fun watching the process. Enjoy the vise and your new Roubo for many many years.

  2. BlackMacX says:

    Shannon, great job. As Jameel notes, it is great watching the process of building the entire bench and all it’s components. In light of the current safety week, are Crocs really shop-safe footwear? ;) Also, for the end-cap tongue of the bench, would a drawbore have been an option?

  3. Shannon says:


    Thanks for watching, and those are steel toed Crocs! LOL. Yes a drawbore would work, but I was taking the end cap on and off so many times that it was easier to use the bolts. Plus I feel I get a stronger joint with 5″ of bench between the cap and the nut.

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