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  1. jmk89 says:


    The RenaissanceWW Audioboo account seems to have disappeared from iTunes. Do you know how I go about subscribing to your boos in iTunes now?


    • Shannon says:

      The feed is not in the directory so you have to subscribe to it directly. Take a trip to the source of the boo and use the iTunes button on the top right or the RSS subscription next to it. The feed will then pop up in your iTunes podcast library. I think I can merge the feeds using Yahoo Pipes or something similar and will look into that soon as I can.

  2. Shannon,
    I really enjoyed the audio boo and the class. I had a great time this weekend. It was certainly a highlight of my last year.


  3. jmk89 says:

    Thanks for the information, Shannon. I’m now fully signed up again for your boos.

    You might make this info (and how to use audio boos generally) available to the SM guys who propose to do stuff during WIA – it would be cool to have a channel of audio boos coming through at the end of each class through one feed (if that is possible using some kind of aggregation system).

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