RWW 198 Kid’s Table & Chairs

Kids Table and Chairs

This year I decided to build along again with the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer charity build. Marc Spagnuolo put together a great design for a kid’s table and chairs set that can be build using a single sheet of plywood. I hear all the time how plywood and hand tools don’t mix so I figured this […] Read more »

Difficult is Just Easy Work Done Slowly

plowing with a t&g plane

What was the last difficult moment you had with a project? Was it a particularly complex joint or a nasty bit of figured grain? How did you tackle it? I bet the solution regardless of the tools being used was to slow down and take care of it meticulously. If you think about it, “difficult” […] Read more »

Chips ‘n Tips 13: Refining Unusual Angles

shooting board odd angle

Most shooting boards will make a 90 cut and a 45 degree cut with the addition of a simple fence. Or perhaps you have a dedicated miter shooting board for 45 degree cuts. Some fancier shooting boards have adjustable fences with stops at other common angles like 22.5 degrees. But when your project throws an […] Read more »

What Hand Tools Do I Really Need?


I hear from a lot of woodworkers (or woodworkers-to-be) who are so excited to start using hand tools. Either in that same correspondence or a few minutes later I get another message from the same woodworker who has just been sticker shocked by how much this hand tool thing is going to cost them. One […] Read more »

Faster than a Speeding Bowl


Once you get labelled a “woodworker” by your circle of friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc you often get asked (at the last minute) to create gifts for birthdays, retirements, or colonoscopy appointments. So it was natural when a colleague of mine at the lumber yard retired that I found myself at the lathe pedaling away and […] Read more »

The English Woodworker’s Bag of Tricks


Every woodworker, I don’t care whether you have 50 years of experience or 2 weeks, has a bag of tricks. These are the little “a ha” moments you have at the bench that help you through a task and make it easier. Over the weeks and months and years you stash these away and use […] Read more »

RWW 196 The Peach Crate

hand made peach crate

This is a simple project that I built over the course of a few hours including the drying time for the decoupage paste. I think I actually used my hand planes too much on this and could have left all the lumber rough sawn. But sometimes I just can’t help myself and end up making […] Read more »

A Peg Making Hook and Shooting Board Addition

peg making bench hook

Snick, thump, snick, thump, snick, thump, mother friggin $#@o0%!!!, snick, thump… Do you have those little nagging things in the workshop that you keep meaning to fix or improve but just never get around to it? Usually I’m in the heat of a project and I just don’t want to stop and fix something or […] Read more »