RWW 182 Hybrid Milling

Grizzly planer hybrid planing

HYBRID??? Did you just read that on this site? What twisted alternate dimension is this? Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria! Ok there I said it before some of you get a chance. Yes I have a power planer in my shop and this video will give you a good idea why and how […] Read more »

Ditch the Miter Box

Stanley Miter Box Logo

I own 2 miter boxes. They are cool tools to have around, but I’ll be honest I rarely use them. In fact I have deterred several folks from getting one when asked. It’s not that they are not useful, but like any fixed tool their function is limited by the capacity of the tool. The […] Read more »

Set Your Bevel to 59.333 Degrees


I was a music major so geometry was never my friend. So when I started tweaking the thickness of various parts on this dining table I’m building, my nice and neat 50 degree angles for the legs started to come apart. This is where I find I have trouble rendering my SketchUp model into real […] Read more »

RWW 180 Workshop Remodel Part 4

Woodshop New Tool Cabinet Wall

This is the final part of my workshop remodel. This time I will set up the new 20″ Grizzly planer and take it for a test run. I’ll do a more detailed review in the future once I’ve had time to break her in. Then I install the last of the Cherry cap moulding and […] Read more »

Shop Work Zones

workbench space

For the most part construction is done in my shop. I ran out of Cherry trim (3 feet short) so I need to mill up some more to complete the cap rail but other than that, the shop remodel now is all about loading stuff back in and figuring out where to put it all. […] Read more »

Listen to Me on The Craftsman’s Road Podcast


A few weeks ago I spent an enjoyable evening during a violent thunderstorm on Skype with Cory Mickelson, the host of the podcast “The Craftsman’s Road“. This is a relatively new show on the scene with a unique take. It is an interview style show which isn’t new, but Cory is talking to woodworkers who […] Read more »

RWW 179 Shop Remodel Part 3

french cleat tool cabinet

This time I hang the rest of the plywood on my “feature” wall and for those who thought I was burying an outlet in the wall, you can all relax as I cut the outlet holes this time. With the plywood up it is time to install the Cherry cap for the soffit over the […] Read more »