Chips ‘n Tips 2: Feel the Grain

Chips n tips grain direction

Time for another quick tip, get out the salsa and guacamole and let’s talk about grain direction. Sometimes it just isn’t clear when you look at the board. I say don’t worry about it and use your fingers instead. Of course there will always be boards that won’t cooperate and even this tip won’t help, […] Read more »

My Shop’s Magnetic Personality

Magnetic tool holder

Whenever someone sees my magnetic tool holders I invariably get the comment, “Aren’t you worried those will magnetize your tools?” Answer: nope. In fact I have yet to see this happen and I have been storing all kinds of things from chisels to screwdrivers on these mag strips for at least 5 years. I have […] Read more »

Dust Collector or Sprayer?

new dust collector canister filter

I’m still fiddling around with my shop remodel. The heavy lifting is done but I still seem to spend time here and there tweaking thing and adding creature comforts. For example I screwed a few magnetic strips to the wall by my post drill to hold miscellaneous drill bits. Boy do I love having 3/4″ […] Read more »

Mounting Your Strop for Easy Use

Chips N Tips 1 Strop

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Chips ‘N Tips. This time I share a little revelation I had while working out of my own shop at my in-law’s place in Maine. In looking for a place to hang my strop out of the way I inadvertently discovered that where I hung it made a huge […] Read more »

RWW 182 Hybrid Milling

Grizzly planer hybrid planing

HYBRID??? Did you just read that on this site? What twisted alternate dimension is this? Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria! Ok there I said it before some of you get a chance. Yes I have a power planer in my shop and this video will give you a good idea why and how […] Read more »

Ditch the Miter Box

Stanley Miter Box Logo

I own 2 miter boxes. They are cool tools to have around, but I’ll be honest I rarely use them. In fact I have deterred several folks from getting one when asked. It’s not that they are not useful, but like any fixed tool their function is limited by the capacity of the tool. The […] Read more »

Set Your Bevel to 59.333 Degrees


I was a music major so geometry was never my friend. So when I started tweaking the thickness of various parts on this dining table I’m building, my nice and neat 50 degree angles for the legs started to come apart. This is where I find I have trouble rendering my SketchUp model into real […] Read more »