Is My Blade Really Sharp?

Chips N Tips 1 Strop

Yesterday I told you that all your questions could be answered with the simple act of sharpening your blades. “Sharpening is as simple as rocket science performed in an Afghan cave with shrapnel in your heart” -Woodworking Forum Curmudgeon (possibly also Iron Man) So if a sharp blade is the answer to all woodworking’s problems […] Read more »

Improve Your Hand Tool Skills with One Thing

ovolo moulding plane

I get a lot of questions about hand tools. When you get past the “should I buy this or that” or “what should I get first” questions and get down to the usage questions where a woodworker is struggling with a tool or getting uncertain results, invariably they can all be answered the same way: […] Read more »

Chips ‘n Tips 12: Smooth Planing 101

plane cam

Everyone needs a smoothing plane. They can eliminate (or very nearly) sandpaper and they leave the surface of your wood glowing and baby butt smooth for finish. But its not just as simple as running the plane over the wood. In this episode I share a few tips to ensure your smoothing plane success when […] Read more »

16 Years and a Coat of Paint

Pine is not a good exterior wood

Spring is a wonderful time of year. After months of huddling in the darkness and shivering in front of my shop space heater, I can now open the garage door and let in some natural light. There is nothing that puts me in a happy place more than listening to a baseball game on the […] Read more »

RWW 194 Display Shelf Part 2

match planing technique to make panels

In this episode I finish up the construction of the display shelf by making shelf panels, slats, sizing them, and assembling the whole piece. Specifically I detail more of my hybrid milling approach, how I use match planing to make tight panels, smooth planing to prepare for finish, and how I size everything to get […] Read more »

On the Merits of Planned Obsolescence

Hand Tool School Saw Bench

“Buy your last tool first!” “Overbuild it just in case” These are common sentiments we find in our little woodworking world. Some days I agree with them wholeheartedly, then the rest of the time I ignore them on purpose. That purpose may be laziness, but I prefer to think of it as a learning experience. […] Read more »

<Workbench style=”aligncenter” />

workbench in center of shop

I’ve been living with my workbench smack in the middle of my shop for many years now. Shortly after I built it, I placed it up against the back wall under a window and I think it lasted a week there before I moved it to the center of the room. A good workbench will […] Read more »