When to Fix and When to Burn?

spindle practice pole lathe

I was turning another file handle on my pole lathe on Sunday when I discovered a worm hole that only got bigger the more I turned away. Check out this short video to see what I mean: Apr 20, 2014 | Amazing appearing wormholes. Dangit! by RenaissanceWW on Keek.com Over the subsequent few days since […] Read more »

Shoulder Planes???

shoulder and rabbet planes

I have a couple of these guys made by modern makers. I have a vintage Stanley model too. I bought them early on in my conversion to hand tools because it seemed that all the pundits of the time were telling me I needed to have one. They got used though I admit rarely for […] Read more »

Doing it The Hard Way

squaring end grain by hand

Using jigs and work aids are great, but learning about the fundamentals behind those “shortcuts” will serve you better in the long run. So while it may seem like you are steepening the learning curve, you will appreciate the added skill at some point down the road. Hand Tool School members know I do things […] Read more »

RWW 173 The Hand Tool Sense

Panel guage marking for rip

By now we have all heard the whole “workmanship of risk vs workmanship of certainty” gem that David Pye coined long ago. It is that risk that freaks a lot of people out and gets their palms sweating and heart rate up at the prospect of cutting into the lumber they just spent hundred of […] Read more »

Tool Undercoating

Saw wall hanger

I think it is safe to say that for today’s woodworker tool buying is as much a part of the experience as actually working wood. For better or for worse is a matter of opinion and I’m going to stay positive and say that without tool buying much of the economy of woodworking would fall […] Read more »