Why are We in Such a Hurry?

splitting away tenons

“I don’t want to hurry it, that itself is a poisonous, 20th century attitude. When you want to hurry something, that means you no longer care about it and want to get on to other things. I just want to get at it slowly, but carefully and thoroughly.” -Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance […] Read more »

Chips ‘n Tips 7: Shaving Tight Fit

fixing loose joinery

Sometimes I goof (heh, sometimes, okay a lot) and despite all the layout in the world, I get a joint that is just too loose. Fixing a loose joint is sometimes as much a part of woodworking as the actual cutting of the joinery in the first place. Today’s Chips ‘n Tips shows you that […] Read more »

The 21st Century Cocktail Napkin

sharpening ipad station sketch

I’ve seen a lot of design talk lately. Perhaps it is spurred on by a recent WoodTalk episode or I’m just thinking a lot about it lately. Here is a tool I really like that has allowed me to better realize some of my ideas. I’m sure like many of you, I have made quite […] Read more »

A Sharpening Curmudgeon Gets a New Idea

sharpening carving gouges

I’m a big fan of the sharpening school of thought that says, pick a method and stick with it til good at it before moving on to another method. The constant switching and “grass is greener” attitude can be detrimental to getting a good edge. Frankly I think every sharpening method, jig, wiz-bang gadget, and […] Read more »

Chips ‘n Tips 6 Chamfer Your Way to Parallel

China Marks for planing

Once you have planed a reference face, getting an opposite, parallel face doesn’t have to follow the same process. On longer and wider boards I find a handy chamfer guide to make my job so much easier. Once I create this raised panel looking effect, a lumber crayon or a pencil highlights the chamfers to […] Read more »

Happy New Year

Straight saw cut

Another year comes to a close and my thoughts like many of us turn toward the new year. It’s so silly as it is just another day on a calendar, but all of us attach such importance to the completion of another lap around the sun. We assess our year and make big plans for […] Read more »

Crafty Type Projects Make Me Miss Power


Its funny how our woodworking lives change over time. Many of you know my “origin story” in that I started like many of us doing around the house projects with a circular saw and a random orbit sander. Eventually I ditched the power tools for my own little passion. But before that I made a […] Read more »

RWW 189 Bandsaw Reindeer by Hand

fret sawn reindeer

The bandsaw reindeer has become a test project for bandsaw guide makers for years. Often these little reindeer are cut out at high speed to awe audiences at woodworking shows around the country. A Google search will present you with hundreds of images and styles of bandsawn reindeer. But I have yet to see one […] Read more »