RWW 180 Workshop Remodel Part 4

Woodshop New Tool Cabinet Wall

This is the final part of my workshop remodel. This time I will set up the new 20″ Grizzly planer and take it for a test run. I’ll do a more detailed review in the future once I’ve had time to break her in. Then I install the last of the Cherry cap moulding and […] Read more »

Shop Work Zones

workbench space

For the most part construction is done in my shop. I ran out of Cherry trim (3 feet short) so I need to mill up some more to complete the cap rail but other than that, the shop remodel now is all about loading stuff back in and figuring out where to put it all. […] Read more »

Listen to Me on The Craftsman’s Road Podcast


A few weeks ago I spent an enjoyable evening during a violent thunderstorm on Skype with Cory Mickelson, the host of the podcast “The Craftsman’s Road“. This is a relatively new show on the scene with a unique take. It is an interview style show which isn’t new, but Cory is talking to woodworkers who […] Read more »

RWW 179 Shop Remodel Part 3

french cleat tool cabinet

This time I hang the rest of the plywood on my “feature” wall and for those who thought I was burying an outlet in the wall, you can all relax as I cut the outlet holes this time. With the plywood up it is time to install the Cherry cap for the soffit over the […] Read more »

Go Big or Not At All

grizzly 20 inch spiral head

I’m often asked, do you miss your power tools, and if so which one? The honest answer is not really. I do truly enjoy working with hand tools and all the cliche reasons you have heard me spout for years now. I also recognize that power tools have their place and I can get as […] Read more »

Proportional Models in SketchUp

Modelling proportions of a bedside table

I have often stated that I use SketchUp in the early stages of my projects to work out basic dimensions and solve any joinery problems. Rarely do I actually model the joints but just creating parts and fitting them together in a virtual space is extremely helpful. The biggest help that SketchUp gives me at […] Read more »

RWW 178 Workshop Remodel Part 2

Plywood shop wall

My shop remodel is crawling along at a pace of about 4 hours of work a week but it is getting there. I think the details will come together very quickly and in no time I’ll be back at the bench working on projects. What I’m desperately trying to avoid is getting back to work […] Read more »

Tool Storage in a Tool Cabinet

tool cabinet chisel rack

I’m working on yet another chisel rack for my tool cabinet. One of the things plans and magazine articles don’t tell you about tool cabinets is that the actual storage devices are constantly changing as your tool kit grows and adapts to your style of working. In fact I think it is safe to say […] Read more »

I Broke a Woodworking School, Help Me Fix It

Wortheffort Students

Last week I ventured out of the comfortable and friendly confines of my own shop and entered the scary world of classroom woodworking instruction. I felt I was prepared to tackle this task because I have been teaching virtually for 4 years now and one on one in a museum setting for almost 5 years. […] Read more »