Skip the Planes and Get a Saw

start with a saw

It’s exciting times these days because not a day goes by that I don’t get an email from someone just starting out in woodworking looking for advice. Invariably they are all a bit confused and daunted with the universe of tools presented to them to get started. Usually I get emails like this: I have […] Read more »

Halfback Saw???

sawing breadboard end shoulders

What the hell is a halfback saw and why would I need one? This is but one of the questions I usually get peppered with whenever I post this image in a social media channel. The half back is offensive and annoying to many who feel they have just figured out which saws they need […] Read more »

New Hardware Storage in the Shop

shop storage solutions

I don’t think my workshop tweaking will ever truly be done, but one of the things my remodel did was give me a blank slate to start working from. This also helped to clearly identify wasted spaces in my shop. One of the most obvious was the door into my shop from our laundry room. […] Read more »

Chips ‘n Tips 3 Spokeshave Quick Adjustments

Spokeshave Adjustment tip

This time I share a little tip for setting up your spokeshave, advancing and retracting the blade without all those fancy adjuster knobs. The spokeshave is easily my favorite tool to use and I have many. The simple ones without adjustments are my favorites because of this technique Woodworking Prizes Congratulations to Dennis on winning […] Read more »

Chips ‘n Tips 2: Feel the Grain

Chips n tips grain direction

Time for another quick tip, get out the salsa and guacamole and let’s talk about grain direction. Sometimes it just isn’t clear when you look at the board. I say don’t worry about it and use your fingers instead. Of course there will always be boards that won’t cooperate and even this tip won’t help, […] Read more »

My Shop’s Magnetic Personality

Magnetic tool holder

Whenever someone sees my magnetic tool holders I invariably get the comment, “Aren’t you worried those will magnetize your tools?” Answer: nope. In fact I have yet to see this happen and I have been storing all kinds of things from chisels to screwdrivers on these mag strips for at least 5 years. I have […] Read more »