What Hand Tools Do I Really Need?


I hear from a lot of woodworkers (or woodworkers-to-be) who are so excited to start using hand tools. Either in that same correspondence or a few minutes later I get another message from the same woodworker who has just been sticker shocked by how much this hand tool thing is going to cost them. One […] Read more »

Faster than a Speeding Bowl


Once you get labelled a “woodworker” by your circle of friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc you often get asked (at the last minute) to create gifts for birthdays, retirements, or colonoscopy appointments. So it was natural when a colleague of mine at the lumber yard retired that I found myself at the lathe pedaling away and […] Read more »

The English Woodworker’s Bag of Tricks


Every woodworker, I don’t care whether you have 50 years of experience or 2 weeks, has a bag of tricks. These are the little “a ha” moments you have at the bench that help you through a task and make it easier. Over the weeks and months and years you stash these away and use […] Read more »

RWW 196 The Peach Crate

hand made peach crate

This is a simple project that I built over the course of a few hours including the drying time for the decoupage paste. I think I actually used my hand planes too much on this and could have left all the lumber rough sawn. But sometimes I just can’t help myself and end up making […] Read more »

A Peg Making Hook and Shooting Board Addition

peg making bench hook

Snick, thump, snick, thump, snick, thump, mother friggin $#@o0%!!!, snick, thump… Do you have those little nagging things in the workshop that you keep meaning to fix or improve but just never get around to it? Usually I’m in the heat of a project and I just don’t want to stop and fix something or […] Read more »

A Design is Born From Ugly

Lingerie Chest design

I finished a bed recently for my guest room. I’m really happy with the build but now more than ever I really hate the flanking Lingerie chests that my wife and I bought decades ago. Truthfully I didn’t much care for them when we bought them but this was before I became a woodworker and […] Read more »

No Woodworking on this Vacation…Maybe

City of Salzburg

I spent a week abroad in Austria this month with my wife as we followed in the footsteps of her favorite composter, Mozart. I thought briefly about bringing along a camera and capturing some footage for this blog. I mean Austria and Germany are full of woodworking right? Well, I ditched that thought and decided […] Read more »

Outsourcing Part of the Job

danish modern rocker

How many of us got into this because we saw a piece of furniture and thought, “I can make that better myself” Once you make the decision to build your own furniture you get this feeling that your projects don’t have to be limited by anything other than your imagination. There is also a strong […] Read more »