RWW # 16: Build Your Own Spokeshave Part 1

This week we start building our very own wooden spokeshave. This will be at least a 2 part video due to the detail involved. This is not a very difficult project, but it requires a great deal of precision to get it done. You don’t need very many tools and it will be a great test of your hand skills.

The blog of the week is Rob Bois’s shop blog at

Check out his videos on his 21st Century Workbench.

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4 Responses to “RWW # 16: Build Your Own Spokeshave Part 1”

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  1. Shannon says:

    Thanks I fixed the broken link. Sorry about that.

  2. james says:

    covert these to blip files or whatever your newer videos are!!!!!! i have to download these which takes hours as opposed to streaming it like we can with your newer vids…. PLEASE GET ON THIS!!

    • Shannon says:

      Sir yes sir!! I will GET ON THIS as soon as I deal with the the long list of other things I need to do on this site that provides free content for your perusal. Hint: saying please in all caps doesn’t make it polite.

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