RWW # 17: Build Your Own Spokeshave Part 2

This week we saw and chisel out the ware for ejected shavings on our spokeshave and begin defining the recess for the brass wear plate.

The blog of the week is Bob Easton’s boat building and woodworking blog at

I will try to get the finale of this series out on Monday but I may not have the free time to finish the editing as my mom is coming into town to visit and my annual Christmas bazaar is this Friday. I will take plenty of pictures and maybe some video while at the show. Regardless, I will do my best to get something out next Monday even if it is an audio only show.

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  1. Matt says:

    Nice build (the spokeshave that is)! Now I’m thinking I should build one too.

    I’ll admit I was a lot intimidated by the idea, but you’re making it look easy.

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