RWW 39: Building a Tansu Inspired Box

This week I start building a small box to be used as a memorial urn for a customer. She just lost two of her Golden Retrievers in close succession and wants a way to remember them. As a dog lover this is a project I just could not refuse. I will talk through the design, grain matching, joinery, and finally glue up the carcass. I’ll finish this week’s podcast with a discussion about the drawers and grain orientation in the panels.

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  1. Mark Mazzo says:


    Nice work on the Tansu. I like the design.

    Interesting…I usually chamfer the end grain first and hen go to the long grain so that any tearout is removed. However, as I think about it, it seems that both methods will work!

    You did scare me a little when rebating the stopped groves for the back at the table saw. I’m a bit leery of small pieces like that with my hand so close to the blade – maybe hand tools or the router table with a hand screw/clamp to hold the piece as you move it past the cutter?

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