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Hand Tool Boot Camp is Worth the Effort

I am teaching a class called Hand Tool Boot Camp this June 13-15th down in Texas at the Wortheffort Woodworking School. I threw together this little infomercial to let everyone know what I mean by boot camp and what I hope to accomplish. My Hand Tool School members will be somewhat familiar with these philosophies and 2 of the projects we are making. In fact it is the reaction and subsequent successes that those folks have shown me that prompted me to include the saw bench and the bench hooks in this course. It is going to be a crazy busy 3 days and if the student are limping around by the end I will have failed. But I am confident that they will be better woodworkers by the end of it. I will also give you a 50% off coupon for semester 1 of The Hand Tool School (or another semester if you are already a member)

So here’s the deal, I really want to fill this class, hence this video to promote it. I hope you will forgive the injection of a commercial into our regular content and please share this with your friends and help me spread the word. Also note that on Saturday night, June 14th the school is hosting a “Night with Me” and encouraging people to come out whether enrolled in the class or not just to hang out and swap woodworking stories. There will be tools and benches available and I would love to be able to get some folks together and do some woodworking or help out with any specific techniques. Please bring beer and hot dogs because I plan to have the Orioles on the radio that night too. Also with enough beer, I can start teaching German drinking songs!

wortheffort woodworking schoolSo check out Shawn Graham’s school and if not my class see if there is something else that interests you. This is Shawn’s inaugural year and I’m sure everyone knows how important it is to support a new business like this. Shawn has some great ideas and is really passionate about teaching the next generation of woodworkers. How can we not support him?

Class Update 4/21/14

This class is fully booked but anyone who is interested can put their name on a waiting list or come by the school on Saturday night for an open session to talk woodworking, gets some tips and hands on time with some tools, or just hang out and have some fun with some fellow wood nuts.

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