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I Break a Speed Record…

OK for a lot of my readers this will be no big deal. You know who you are, those people out there who whip out projects in a weekend or build whole pieces of furniture in just a few hours. I am not one of those woodworkers. I am slow and proud of it. I take great pride in my ability to stretch out a project until I am so tired of working on it that it just never gets completed!

You can imagine how concerned I was when a past customer called me to say that she was getting on a plane to France and needed another one of my Pagoda Boxes to give as a gift to someone. She has bought several of my box designs in the past and every time she did I happened to have one already made “in stock” so delivery was almost instananeous. This time…no dice. I told her I would do my best and at the outside be able to get it to her on Wednesday. I got into my shop at 4 PM yesterday and low and behold I was able to produce a box from scratch in 4.5 hours complete with 4 coats of lacquer.

I was stunned, but I guess I spend so much time multi-tasking that when I put my mind to one project it is surprising just how fast it came together. It probably helps that I have made over 30 of these too!

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