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Post Drill and Center Scribe

5 years ago

I finally found a post drill in good enough shape to add to the shop so in this episode I install it and walk through how it works. I build a simple center scribing tool to demonstrate the drill too.

Since filming this I have messed around even further with the chuck and the V groove I added to the set screw is doing the job nicely. Tiny bits are held center in one axis but do get pushed off center in another so a machinist capable friend of mine (thanks Isaac) made a bit carrier that has fixed the problem completely. Essentially it is a 1/2″ cylinder (mated to the chuck) that holds the shank of the modern bit while the post drill chuck grabs the carrier perfectly on center. I have considered adding a modern Jacobs chuck to this but I honestly don’t think it is necessary. Let’s be honest, the post drill is not meant to be a highly precise machine nor do I ever require that kind of precision when drilling.

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