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Rob Cosman’s Hand Tool Workshop

I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to an exciting new development in our little online community.  Rob Cosman has launched a membership site teaching about hand tool techniques!  I think this is an excellent step in the right direction to have a woodworking “celebrity” jump into this medium.  You can find out more at and you can watch his intro video here.

Now many of you may think as the owner of The Hand Tool School I’m crazy for being so excited about this, but I will relate the same wisdom Marc Spagnuolo gave to me when I approached him about starting HTS.

“the more of us that offer this kind of service, the more people will become aware of it and the larger our potential audience”

I’m paraphrasing here as I’m sure Marc’s actual words were more profound and laced with some Jerseyisms.  Marc and I are not in competition with each other nor am I competing with Rob Cosman (how could you, he can cut dovetails that make mine cry).

The whole idea behind The Hand Tool School was to open up a resource to people who can’t get away for a week long class.  To bring instruction into your shop at any time.  How can we not be excited by having a teacher and craftsman such as Rob Cosman offer the same convenience?

I for one hope this is a sign of things to come and maybe we can get some of our other “mentors” to enter this game.  Chuck Bender, are you listening??  Hint hint, nudge nudge.

Welcome to the party Rob and best of luck to you!

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