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  1. Great opening, Shannon :-)

    Love the styling of your leg vise. The bench is a beaut and I thank you for sharing all the construction steps.

    Cheers — Larry

  2. Morton says:

    Love the Ravens sweatshirt! The vice is OK too.

  3. duncanjmurray says:

    I like the creative opening and was wondering how your twitter call for dream music was going to manifest itself. Like the technical content.

    The Roubo has taken some time to do, so I wondered if you were planning a summary or round-up episode with what the most critical steps were or what you might do different if doing it again?

    You’re putting out a lot of good stuff at the moment – going to manage to keep it up through the year? (I hope so).

    Good work.

    • Shannon says:

      Yes I plan to do a recap episode where I revisit my original design and discuss the functionality of the bench and all it’s parts. There are still a few thing still do to complete the bench so I will finish that up and then recap.

      I don’t think my pace will be the same but I do plan on posting 2 or 3 things a week so hang on. There will be a lot more blog posts this year whereas last year I was putting out everything through the podcast.

  4. wendy says:

    Hi Shannon,

    The saw you used to cut your tenons.. Is that the Bad Axe 16″ Jack? Where did you find that Bow saw? wow what a beautiful saw.

    Love your videos. Thanks for sharing.

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