Woodworking In America Hand Tool Olympics Interview

Workbench QAI was fortunate to be able to speak with Mike Siemsen the originator of the Hand Tool Olympics that is held at Woodworking in America each year. This event is still one of my favorites for the whole weekend and I urge everyone to participate. Take a listen to hear what Mike has to say about the event, it’s origins, and a little about SAPFM, the Society of American Period Furniture Makers, the organization that sponsors the event.

Additionally I learned that there will be a new event this year for the brave of heart and pure of soul. Listen to find out what it is. I’ll give you a hint, I’m (re)tired thinking about it.

Finally, Mike wanted me to relay on his thanks to all of the volunteers to man the booth and help people through each of the 6 hand tool olympic events. They are great teachers and you can learn a lot about hand tool woodworking just by participating.

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  1. Vic Hubbard says:

    Great conversation, Shannon. You’re a great host. While I’m not sure I’ll do the competition thing, I am looking forward to trying out some stuff and getting hands on instruction.

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