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Add a Slab Top to a Standing Desk

a couple of years ago

Hide the Glue Line in Plain Sight

I love my standing desk.  I just cannot sit all day and being able to raise and lower the desk at the touch of a button is such a nice feature.  But the faux wood laminated top just seems a crime to be a woodworker working at a lumber yard.  This had to change and I happen to have this solid Walnut slab kicking around that was almost perfect for a new top.  

Almost perfect.  You see the desk needs to be 26" wide to fit the support on the motorized base but this wood slab is only 22".  I can glue up a wider top but I hate to compromise the look of the single wide slab.  I could do my best to match the color and grain and hide the glue line.  That's one approach.  But easier is hiding the glue line in plain sight by punctuating the top with a focal point like a stripe.  Even better, two stripes...of lovely bright white Holly.  Besides I wouldn't dare mix Walnut and Maple together.  People would never let me do that!

I will further complicate this simple project by creating a marquetry pattern and inlaying it into the top.  I've gotta spend the majority of my weeks at this desk so I might as well add a little bling.

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