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RWW 35: Benchcrafted Vise Installation Part 1

End Vise, Roubo WorkbenchThis week I break everyone’s heart by tearing a monstrous hole in my beautiful benchtop. After all the weeks of slaving over grain direction, pattern, etc, I will discard it all for a big piece of metal.

For those of you not familar with Benchcrafted’s tail vise, check out the link and bring a napkin to wipe away the drool. This is a beautiful piece of equipment and the dream addition to every bench. The install is daunting to say the least and it has many parts, all of which need to be executed with great precision. That is why I took an enormous amount of video footage during this install so I could share it all for any of you thinking of adding this vise to your benches.

And no, Jameel did not pay me to put up this post. (Jameel, use the Cayman Island’s account) Seriously, the fine folks at Benchcrafted have produced a great product and I hear they have something even more interesting on the horizon. Follow their blog and keep up with all the news!

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