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Bookcase from The Anarchist’s Design Book

Community Pressure Made Me Build This

…And I had A LOT of fun doing it.
I have a lot on my plate these days and my time in the shop is pretty structured around specific things for this site and for The Hand Tool School. This means I don’t have a lot of extra time for unplanned project. However when a few community members in The Hand Tool School started talking about doing a group build on a bookcase and the excitement started to build as more folks started jumping on board to build it; I kinda felt obligated to join in on the fun.

So rather than disrupt my entire calendar I decided to build this bookcase live on YouTube. Christopher Schwarz said in his book, “The Anarchist’s Design Book“, it could be built in about 6 hours, so it seemed like it could be fun to build it this way over the course of 3 live streams.

This is my not so subtle way of saying the above playlist definitely shows you how to build this bookcase by hand, but it is a different style of production than the edited and polished videos you normally see here. There are some technical gremlins where sound cuts out and stoppage in the action as I fix them or basically stand there with a vacant look on my face as I try to figure out how to fix something. But based on feedback from the live viewers there is some good woodworking contained in these videos too.

The great part is that taking a break from my schedule to knock out this bookcase was such a positive experience and really energized me. Its a great design that is very forgiving and an outstanding project for hand tools.

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