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Boring Holes in Wet Wood

Drilling in wet wood

Wet Shavings from green Western Red Cedar

If you are unsure of the moisture content deep inside a thick timber a moisture meter won’t really help you.  The best thing I know is to start drilling on a scrap piece and see what the auger bit brings up.  Of course I can’t really see an instance where I would really need to know this considering I don’t work with large timbers that much.  I’m just trying to justify this since I have so much fun watching the wood shavings change color as they get wetter and wetter the deeper I go.

Drilling through wet wood is so much easier too, just don’t get distracted in mid hole.  My phone rang and I went to answer it, got pulled into some other things and when I came back 40 minutes later the wet wood had shrunk a bit freezing the bit in the hole.

Frozen Brace and BitEver heard the expression, “joinery so tight it looks like it grew that way”?  My planing beam has a built in brace!

***Brace is non functioning and meant for decoration only. Do not use brace.  Do not sit on brace.  Do not taunt brace.***

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