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Budget vs Boutique Dovetail Saw

Crown Dovetail vs BearKat Dovetail Saw

I tried to make this as much an apples to apples comparison as I could.  While my Bad Axe Stiletto is my favorite dovetail primarily because of its lengths and pitch, it is too different from the Crown saw to be a fair comparison.  So I chose to pit the Crown saw against my BearKat Toolworks saw since it has a similar pitch and length of plate.  The handle and hang angle difference between the two will be one of the primary differences you will find between a budget price and premium saw anyway.

My Preferred Dovetail Saw Tooth Geometry

  • 10-12" plate
  • Pistol Grip Handle with 10-12 degrees of hang
  • 5 degrees of rake
  • 2-5 degrees of fleam
  • Untapered saw plate
  • Faster cutting
  • Good for through dovetails in carcass and drawers
  • Eases start in harder woods
  • Eases back side blowout
  • More intuitive to follow the line on the back of the cut

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