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Carriage Plane for Breadboard Ends

Breadboard Tenons Made Easy

I guess carriages require large rabbets cut into large timbers.  Find me a carriage maker and I will ask them.  For me I use a "carriage plane" to make big rabbets.  Specifically two big rabbets that equal the wide tenon of a breadboard end.  Break up that wide tenon into a few narrower tenons, insert some pegs and you have a breadboard on your table top.  The carriage plane is just the super sized version of a rabbet plane or even the rabbet block plane.  And the most efficient work can be done when you size your tool appropriately to the task.  

Hide Glue Questions

I got a question about gluing leather to a chisel handle for striking and I find hide glue to be the best option.  But while I was discussing it I also like hide glue for gluing leather to my holdfasts but I show how I have used just about every type of glue from PVA, to epoxy to fasten leather pads to my holdfasts with success.  Finally I discuss liquid hide glue and choosing between Titebond, Old Brown, or just mixing up your own solution.

A Small Shop Workbench Tip

When asked generally about a small shop tip or tips the first thing I can say is working with hand tools is already a step in the right direction.  Hand tools focus around the workbench so when you size your workbench to your space, the rest just figures itself out.  Allow for 2 feet of space off each end of the bench and ideally put it in the center of the shop so you have 360 degree access and most of the space issues you might expect in a small shop just disappear. 

workbench space

Learn More in The Hand Tool School

In The Hand Tool School I have lots of video that specifically shows how I make breadboard ends and use a lot of hide glue.  Its a great place to be to improve your hand tool skills.  So I have a deal: use "rwwlive" to save 10% at The Hand Tool School

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