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Chips ‘n Tips 10 Farewell and Adieu Ye Sweet Spanish Windlass

Win woodworking prizesYou can never have too many clamps…but it is certain that no matter how many you have you will always be one short or without a clamp long enough. So what did our forefathers do when faced with complex and/or large glue ups. They couldn’t run to the home center to spend $50 or more on a shiny parallel clamp, or even $20 on some pipe and pipe clamps. No they just raided the gallows and used some rope.

Today’s Chips ‘n Tips Winner

choosing and using hand toolsI drew Eugene Lyons’ name from the hat and he chose a copy of one of my favorite books: “Choosing and Using Hand Tools” by Andy Rae. If you haven’t registered for your chance to win prizes, just visit the Chips ‘n Tips page to do so.

Congratulations to Eugene and thanks to everyone for the great feedback on this series. Lots more stuff to give away with new things being added daily.

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