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Chips ‘n Tips 6 Chamfer Your Way to Parallel

Win woodworking prizesOnce you have planed a reference face, getting an opposite, parallel face doesn’t have to follow the same process. On longer and wider boards I find a handy chamfer guide to make my job so much easier. Once I create this raised panel looking effect, a lumber crayon or a pencil highlights the chamfers to make it plainly obvious where you need to remove material. These “china marks” take only a minute to add and make everything so much easier.

Of course I still knife in my line so I get that tell tale feathered edge when I get right down to the line.

Hollow and round planesThis episode’s winner is Bill Rusnak who chose a pair of #10 hollow and round planes from my list of prizes. If you haven’t already, register to win on my Chips ‘n Tips page.

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