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RWW 70 The Roubo Returns

Welcome back to the show. I appreciate everyone’s patience while I took a few weeks off. My new job is going great but it has kept me very very busy. Add to that helping my wife at her school and attending all of the fall musicals and recitals that go with being the husband of a music teacher and I have not been in my shop much. What’s more is that I have hours of footage from my shop and from WIA that needs to still be edited into shows. Regardless, I think I have my wits about me again and I wanted to take a little break from the WIA coverage to show you some Roubo footage. I have been hard at work when I can get the time between other projects getting this beast completed. For all intents and purposes the bench is done. I still have to complete the sliding leg vise, but everything else is done. So this week let me show you how I finally completed the top by adding the front laminate and dovetailing it into the end cap.

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