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Episode 99 Hand Tool Tips #5 Flushing and Paring

11 years ago

I was finishing up a bench hook and thought this little tip might come in handy. Getting a peg perfectly flush with your work surface can be done in so many ways, but I find this method to be very quick and using a paring chisel you get the perfect surface. The saw I use here is a Japanese Bakuba but any old flush cut saw will work. What tips do you have?

Also one quick announcement. I am shooting a lot of footage right now for the launch of my Hand Tool School. I have decided to take this site professional and will be offering a range of online courses on how to work wood with hand tools only. My vision is to turn this school into an virtual apprenticeship program so please stay tuned for more.

I would love your input on topics as well since I am building out the first “season” of classes. This first round will focus on getting started with hand tools and utilizing very few tools to do many tasks. Call it recession proof woodworking. Please leave a comment or send me an email with suggestions or thoughts.

I’m very excited about this business venture and I hope many of you will be interested in what is coming.

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