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Fixing a Mistake on an Assembled Case

6 years ago

Where this Chisel is Going, It Won’t Need Roads

As posturepedic as having the leg tenons poking an inch out of the seat, I think it will feel better and look better once I have pared them flush to the seat. On the center leg this isn’t a major deal because the pommel creates a convex curve, but the back tenons fall into the scooped out area. Certainly if you have some carving gouges you can tackle them with those, but I find that a regular old bench chisel used bevel down and quickly and precisely pare them flush and beautiful.

RWW Live Next Week

Tune in to my YouTube channel next Wednesday, February 1st at 6 PM EST for a special Joinery Roulette. I will cut a joint of your choice and discuss how I do it and anything you want about it. Suggest a joint in the comments below, feel free to try to stump me or just suggest something that might actually get used in a future project.

Joinery Roulettte

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