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Gift Box Made from Scrap Wood

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Empty the Scrap Wood Box and Make a Gift Box

Happy holidays!  Its the woodworker's time to shine and make hand made gifts to wow the whole family.  Usually this means applying quick drying finishes around 11 PM on Christmas Eve.  Well to aid you in your last minute shop madness here is a simple box made from the stuff I found in my scrap wood pile.  

A few miters, some veneer splines, and a slab top sitting in rabbets.  What could be simpler than that?  Being woodworkers, I'm sure all of you can find ways to overcomplicate it and add your own stamp of over engineering.  Good luck with your gift making and I hope your finishes are dry enough so that the wrapping paper doesn't stick to them.  (been there, done that)

"Cut Against the Grain" by Eleanor Underhill was a song written specifically for my show as a Kickstarter reward when I helped fund Underhill Rose's new album a few years ago.  

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