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Gotta Get One More Fix!!!

So I lied, I had to get one more posting in before vacation. Remember a few posts ago when I was whining about different manufacturers requiring different bushing for their pen kits. I showed a picture of a prepared pen blank ready to turn. That blank was a piece of Buckeye Burl. I have heard people rave about this stuff for years but never got my hands on it. I couldn’t resist so I stopped at Woodcraft and picked up the proper bushings for the Euro Pencil kit and tonight at 11:30 I was in the shop getting one more fix before vacation.

Pardon the gratuitous pictures but this stuff is B-E-A-utiful!!!


Here is the other side. Check out that crazy grain!

PhotobucketPhotobucketThis last shot I call the “Starry Night” because it looks just like Van Gogh’s painting.

Surprisingly the Buckeye turns much better than any other burl I have worked with. It is a very soft and light wood so the gouges just tear through it like butter. With other, denser burls you constantly have to be on the look out for tear out. Not so with this stuff. I highly recommend it. The finished product is outstanding and will garner oohs and ahhs for a long time.

See y’all after vacation!

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