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Your Guide to Workbench Dog Hole Placement

The Guide to Dog Hole Placement

Where do I put my dog holes? “That depends” is usually the answer I give and that probably frustrates more than it helps. So seeing as I just built a new workbench myself and had to ask myself this question I thought it was time to come up with something more definitive. So I present my foolproof, secret to success Dog Hole Placement Guide!

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Download the Dog Hole PDF

Workbench Dog Hole DiagramClick the image to download the PDF diagram to help you place your first dog holes. Remember that you want to have your holdfasts in hand first so you can measure their reach. Also be sure to measure the post of your holdfasts to determine the hole size and if you are unsure about the grip, test bore some holes to determine if any counterbore is necessary to facilitate holdfast grip. I’ve found very few instances of needed to counterbore the underside of a bench for holdfasts and I’ve tested a variety of holdfasts in benches from 2 to 6 inches thick.

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