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Hand Tool Brew & A: Fretwork, Clamps, and Scratch Stocks

Having a Beer and Talking Hand Tool Techniques

I had so much fun with the last open question live session that I decided to do it again. A bit shorter this time and I think I will definitely do this more often since there seems to be no end to the questions. Again I’m sorry if we ran out of time before I got to your question but I’ll be going live again in 2 weeks. I did have some sound trouble at the beginning thanks to my own hubris and not checking my settings. Sorry about that and you can use the time stamp below to skip past it.

The Questions You Asked

  • 9:58 Skip to the good quality sound
  • 10:55 What screwdrivers do I use?
  • 13:04 How to cut fretwork?
  • 20:13 What screws do I use?
  • 24:18 Favorite and worst woods to work?
  • 28:48 and 42:43 Where to get center bits?
  • 29:37 How to cut a curved, gooseneck style moulding and scratch stocks?
  • 32:56 Clamps & Clamping
  • 38:07 What Song plays at the beginning of this video?
  • 39:32 What is in my apron pockets?
  • 44:05 Have you ever become disillusioned with hand tools?
  • 46:35 Hollows & Rounds and their irons?
  • 48:43 Do I use hollows & rounds to make custom mouldings?

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