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Hand Tool Q&A Live: Shellac, Dovetails Saws, and Mortise Chisels

6 years ago

Live Hand Tool Q&A

Another great time was had just hanging out and asking questions. Thanks as always to everyone who came out and chatted with me. Its always exciting to hear your questions and see a lot of new people getting into woodworking. There were a wide range of questions in this session which is always a lot of fun. Thanks for keeping me on my toes everybody!

The Questions You Asked

  • 1:15 Can you use a Barber strop for honing woodworking tools
  • 5:42 Shellac tips?
  • 10:09 Protecting tool during a move
  • 16:25 Best joint for a C shaped table
  • 19:10 Starting out with dovetails: Dozuki or Veritas Dovetail Saw?
  • 22:15 Good material for shop apron?
  • 23:18 Why is plywood cheaper than MDF in USA?
  • 27:30 Non smelly product for rust prevention?
  • 30:30 Thoughts on Veritas Tenon and Carcass saws?
  • 33:12 Jack plane, smoother and a router: which plane next?
  • 35:32 How often do you sharpen your planes?
  • 38:45 Mortise chisels really necessary over bench chisels?
  • 44:35 Use a float for mortises?
  • 46:30 What angle do you use on your rabbet plane blade?
  • 50:27 Can you over tighten clamps during a panel glue up?
  • 57:27 Thoughts on using a magnetic dovetail sawing guide?
  • 1:02:30 Why do woodworking books not cover anything prior to the 16th century?
  • 1:08:15 Minimum thickness of top on a 5 foot long workbench?
  • 1:11:25 Opinion on SketchUp going online only?

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