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Hand Tool School


This is the world’s first virtual apprentice program designed to teach woodworkers and aspiring woodworkers of all levels how to work  our favorite raw material using only sweat power!  The Hand Tool School is a new approach to the traditional apprenticeship system that has been in practice for hundreds of years.  While I am not about to tell anyone that they should not use power tools.  (hey its the 21st Century!) I believe that all woodworkers should know how to work by hand because sometimes there is no better way to do it.

Join The Hand Tool School and Become a Better WoodworkerThe Hand Tool School is relies on a Semester model with a central theme. Each lesson will introduce a skill, then help the student apply the skill by building a project.  When you buy a semester you have access to all of those courses at any time, so you can work at your own pace. There is no expiration period.

Our lessons are designed so that the student can follow along and practice the techniques being introduced.  With so many ways to work wood, we will examine multiple approaches.  The emphasis on smaller tool sets and fundamental techniques will permeate the entire school.

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The Hand Tool School ApprenticeshipHelp is only an email away or a by posting questions in the forum so the student can get help from thousands of other woodworkers. But for the more dedicated learning path and in depth coaching, there is Apprenticeship. If the Semesters are the text book, then Apprenticeship is the study group to help you master ever lesson or venture out on your own path. Apprenticeship is a monthly membership model that allows for much greater guidance on a personal learning path.

I believe there should be as few barriers to entry to this fine craft as possible and with this instruction I hope to cut through analysis paralysis and get the students building as much as possible.
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