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I am the very Model of a Modern Anarchist Woodworker

I can’t help it, I like tools.  Shiny ones, wooden ones, rusted and worn ones.  As much as I cling to the dogma that few tools are necessary to build beautiful furniture, the niceties of saws in multiple pitches/rake/fleam, paring chisels in a myriad of sizes, and several smoothing planes set for different woods is too much to resist.  I must say that my tool kit puts me at odds with my desire to minimalize.  Maybe if I cut out more power tools I can still consider myself to be an Anarchist Woodworker.

Long Paring Chisels

A New Bevy of Long Paring Chisels from Josh Clark at

Of course if I’m going to be an Anarchist Woodworker, then I simply must have a tool chest right?


…then I will need more tools to fill up the tool chest…


(sigh) OK twist my arm.

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