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An Interview with Charles Brock

Charles Brock rocking chairI was honored to speak with Charles Brock about his seminars at the upcoming Woodworking in America conference in Cincinnati, OH on September 30th through October 2nd. Charles is a fascinating individual and a great story teller. My “quick” phone conversation with him ended up lasting close to 90 minutes as we chatted like old friends about chair making and running a woodworking business.

The following audio discusses Charles’ 4 seminars at WIA as well as how he got started building sculptured furniture. We even discuss the spectre of “Maloof inspired” and his thoughts on the differences between his chair and Sam Maloof’s design.

The seminars that Charles Brock will be leading at WIA are sure to be a highlight of an already stellar weekend. I hope you enjoy this interview and I hope to see you all in Cincinnati.

New Charles Brock DVD on Wood Sculpting
Charles Brock’s Newest Sculpture DVD
Woodworking in America 2011

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