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RWW 27: The Jointer Tune Up

12 years ago

This week I set aside my other projects and spend a day tuning up my jointer. Like many of you, I do not enjoy machine maintenance but realize it is a necessary evil of woodworking power tools. Once you have the tool tuned and running properly though you wonder how you ever worked with it in the old condition. So I correct my jointer table alignment and blade alignment and I love my jointer once again.

Not that I haven’t loved getting to know my hand planes better over the last month of hand flattening boards on the Roubo, but being able to flatten a face and edge quickly with the power jointer is a nice advantage when dealing with so much lumber. The hand planes will definitely stay close by since my jointer is only 6″ wide and hand flattening a board is just way too much fun!

A special thanks goes out to Rick3ddd over at Lumberjocks for giving me the tip to shim my outfeed table instead of my infeed table. Considering he repairs machinery professionally I figured he was a trusted source.

I did my best to capture this entire process on film but I am sure I missed something. Please let me know if any questions come up from this episode.

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