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My Appearance on Maryland Public Television

Some of you may remember that I was interviewed by Maryland Public Television this summer for a piece on the local entrepreneur and the hand made industry. I was told that when it was ready to air I would be notified.

Truthfully I had forgotten about it until I got an email tonight. In the email, I was told that the show actually aired on September 23rd, 2010 and it was now available online. I guess, some notification is better than none right!

So here it is in all it’s glory. You will have to fast forward to about 10:47 for my segment unless you would like to hear an economist speak about doom and gloom for 10 minutes first. I had to laugh when I saw this as I take a shot across the Ikea bow during my conversation. Ironic that the first shot is of me working at the table saw. That may be the last time it was turned on.

The real irony is I think that my own podcast has better video quality than this “professional” television station!

Watch the full episode. See more Your Money and Business.

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