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My Workbench is Officially Broken In

My Roubo workbench has given me so much joy that I finally decided to give something back and we became blood brothers last night. I guess I can say that I have finally broken in the bench with this sacrifice.Workbench Blood Brother

It is still amazing just how much a little tiny cut can bleed. At least the sharpness of your tools allows for nice clean cuts that heal very quickly.

You may remember during safety week a few years ago I did a video about how to clean the piles of shavings off your bench and what not to do. Well, I never said I listened to my own advice and swept the shavings off with my hand only to find that chisel I had been looking for…buried beneath the shavings. I am personally not a fan of band-aids because I lose the tactile feel in my fingers that I rely upon when doing hand work. I often get little cuts in places that are just impractical to bandage. You know what I mean I’m sure, like those tiny cuts right on the tip of your finger? I have been told that CA glue can solve these problems but I discovered a first aid product years ago that does the trick for me.
First Aid for hard to bandage cuts

Skin Shield will seal up those little cuts and provide some protection to allow them to heal. It also keeps the blood off your beautifully planed Walnut. It’s a great little product to keep around in your shop.

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