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New Podcast: Shannon’s Lumber Industry Update

Since WoodTalk ended I’ve been getting so many people urging me to spin off the lumber update segment. I get it! I hear you! It’s happened! No longer just a segment but its very own show. Introducing:

shannon's lumber industry update

Shannon’s Lumber Industry Update

Cue the trumpets and timapani!!! Hooray…well I hope so anyway. I’m really looking forward to doing this show and even in the first episode alone I mention 4 or 5 other show topics already in the works. It is my goal to really education woodworkers and makers everywhere about lumber and the industry. Too much confusion and frustration out there with our favorite material. So with that in mind I’m really looking forward to your questions. Just like WoodTalk was made by you guys submitting questions and feedback, I hope the Lumber Update will be the same. So head over to the contact page and submit a question today!

Oh and here is the kinda awkward part (for me anyway). I’ve launched a Patreon page to help support this show. In the good old days of Podcasting (10 years ago) we used to have to run a show for many many episodes before we would dare ask for support. So launching something like this at this early stage is still odd for me. But I hope you will feel that after 10 years of podcasting here on this site as well as with WoodTalk that I’m a proven commodity. Or maybe a proven liability? Regardless, your support is greatly appreciated.

Now down to business. I’ve got a new episode to record.

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