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A New Power Jointer Use

I was within a smoother shaving of selling my 6″ Grizzly jointer seeing as I haven’t used her in many months. It just seems wrong to let a good tool go unused. Last night I discovered a use for the jointer that would make Martha Stewart proud.

I’m remaking some drawer sides out of soft Maple (long story for another post)and the stock I was using was leftover from a long ago project. It was all S4S that had been prepped by my own machines sometime in 2008 or 2009. I had sawn the stock to rough dimensions and was beginning to plane the drawer side to finished size. When I tackled the previously jointed edge I could clearly see the evenly spaced ridges produced by a straight knife jointer. I made one pass with a block plane to remove those marks then another for good measure. Both shavings popped out of the plane and fell to the bench top. The first shaving was kinked and looked a lot like some kind of scrap booking decorative product or a party streamer. The second shaving was smooth and tightly curled. At that moment my wife came into the shop to tell me dinner was ready and she picked up the the “party” shaving.
Power Jointer Ridges on a Hand Plane Shaving
“Ooh, how did you make that? A bunch of these would make great filler for the wedding favors at my sister’s wedding!”


So instead of working on my drawers, I spent the rest of the night making a pass on the power jointer followed by a single shaving of the block plane creating a pile of “party” shavings in a variety of wood species.

How ya like me now Martha!

***any married men reading this will understand, any unmarried men reading it, I don’t want to hear it***

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