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On The Road to Colonial Williamsburg Again

We have the full year Patriot pass so why not take advantage of it and scheduled another trip down to Williamsburg for this weekend. It is spring break for my wife so I am taking a few days off so we can get out of town. I feel continually blessed to live in the mid Atlantic in such close proximity to historical wonders like this and remain committed actually taking advantage of it.

This trip we are hoping to spend a litte more time in the DeWitt Wallace museum up close and personal with some incredible 18th century southern furniture. There are regular furniture tours taking place and I hope to catch one of them. The weather is expected to be warm and nice so we are both looking forward to strolling up and down Duke of Gloucester street and just relaxing. I am also curious to check out the new coffee shop Charleston’s since that last time I was there the Carpenters had just raised the roof.

Of course no trip would be complete without a stop into the Cabinetmaker, Cooper, and Carpenter shops. So my dear readers, please tell me what you would like to know about the 18th century cabinetmaker and joiner. I have plans to spend some time talking with these fine folks and I would love to be armed with questions from you all. Submit a comment here or send me an email at and I will do my best to get your questions answered.

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