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One Way to Improve Your Woodworking Skills

Hand cut dado and cut nail toenail

I demoed cutting dado using a dado plane and toenailing it for The Hand Tool School and ended up doing it 3 times to get all the footage I needed.

Want to improve your woodworking skills?  Become a podcaster.

Since I started producing videos I generally have to perform each task several times to get the close ups, and various angles to make a decent presentation.

Even when I do a live broadcast, I end up going back and shooting close ups for the recording I release into my feed.  There is no way around it unless you are running multiple cameras.  Of course then I would just bump into them.

So if you want to improve your skills with a certain joint, do a podcast on it.  I guarantee you will be well versed by the time you have cut it and explained your process to a camera for a few hours.

Of course there is that old practice, practice, practice mantra but I need more podcasts on woodworking to watch so get cracking you guys!

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