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Pardon Our Dust

workshop remodelYou will find things are a bit quiet around here for a bit when it comes to articles and videos. As many of you know I have been planning a remodel in my shop for well over a year. What seems like a relatively simple installation of a wall over cinderblock and some aesthetic improvements and some new lighting just keeps getting pushed off due to actual woodworking projects. Go figure right? However key things like being able to hang the tool cabinet I built 3 years ago have not been able to happen until I complete this remodel. Enough excuses, time to get this started.

shop remodel mess

The unusable side of the shop.

This past weekend I took the first steps into chaos by doing some Spring cleaning and taking everything down from the wall and moving it away. My shop is too small to do this without pushing it all to one side and making that half unusable. Once I complete the cinder block wall I will need to push everything to the other side and work on the other half of the shop. This phased approach makes the whole thing seem a lot more approachable but it also contains some potential traps that could leave the job half done if I don’t remain vigilant and push through the project. The good point is that when I push everything to one side of the shop I can’t get distracted by projects over there as it is just impossible to work in that space.

Here is a last look at the shop before I start tearing things apart and making a big mess.

I’m really excited because this remodel will finally complete my transition from power tools to hand tools. No more ghost of a miter saw stand just getting in the way or superfluous countertops that just get in the way of the workbench. There will be a lot more space and nothing will be fixed in place so I can always adjust and move stuff around. It won’t be my dream pole barn shop with hand cut timber framed structure but it will be a step in the right direction and a lot more efficient than what I have now (and pretty too).

woodshop remodel

Panorama shot of cleared wall, its amazing how much space I have when I clear away the crap!

So to keep my focus I’m going to pull back a bit from other stuff and just get this done. I will be posting something about the shop remodel but more probably as one complete video chronicling the whole process rather than step by step along the way. I know that will just slow me down and I have too many things to build this summer to let this project drag on. So while this blog may be quiet for a bit, know that I’m working away to make a better shop. If you miss me go listen to WoodTalk or watch my archive of hundred of videos and make fun of my old stuff. I know I sure do!

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