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Replacement Plane Blades, Mortise Chopping, and More

Hand Tool Woodworking Questions Answered

As always lots of questions and a wide variety when I do an open Q&A like this.  You will find the list of topics covered and the time they come up in the video below for quick reference.  I'm sorry I didn't get to all the questions but feel free to tune in next week or hit me up with questions here on the site or via my Instagram account.

Topics Covered & Time Markers

  • Blades for a Fore Plane (0:00)
  • Resawing Long Boards (20:04)
  • Sawing Body Mechanics (29:35)
  • Determining Height of a Workbench (56:17)
  • Paring Handle Wood Selection (1:01:11)
  • Coarse vs Fine Sharpening Grits (1:02:50)
  • Spear Point Marking Knives (14:10)
  • Mortise Chopping Technique (36:45)
  • Complement vs Contrast in Wood Species (57:54)
  • Fixing a Clogged Wooden Fore Plane (51:50)

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