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RWW 44: The Roubo Undercarriage

Roubo UndercarriageSo you thought I would never get back to Roubo eh? For all of those skeptics out there, this episode is for you. As you all know I had built my legs several months ago as well as my stretchers and they have been sitting off in a corner of my shop feeling lonely and unloved. This week I pulled them out and beat the heck out of them by drilling 8 monstrous mortises and stuffing them with tenons the size of a trashy paperback book. Soon it will be time to mount the top to the legs and not a moment too soon because my Twitter friend Pete Bretzke had a little mishap with his Roubo this weekend that gives me pause considering my bench top is sitting on cheap plastic sawhorses and I have been pounding away on the bench top for a solid 10 hours! Fortunately Pete wasn’t hurt but I am sure he had to take a break to change his shorts!

Anyway, on with the show.

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