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RWW 118: An Interview with Adam Cherubini

Adam Cherubini talks about wooden hand planes

I spoke with Adam Cherubini about his return to Woodworking in America this year.  Adam is teaching 3 seminars on chisels, dados, rabbets, and grooves, and nailed furniture.  We spoke about Adam’s “experiment” in 18th century woodworking and how that translates into everything he does all the way down to the clothes he wears while working.

Personally, the nailed furniture seminar is my most anticipated as it takes a look at the majority of furniture coming out of the 18th century.  It looks to be a fascinating couple of days and I urge anyone attending to find time to talk to Adam whether during his seminars or as you bump into him around the convention center.  He is a wealth of knowledge and full of very interesting and sometimes unique ideas.

Enjoy the interview.

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