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RWW 174 Turn a File Handle on the Pole Lathe

I’m adding permanent handles to all my files and rasps and thought I would do them on the pole lathe. This is a great way to use up some scrap and the positive registration of a fixed handle actually makes a rasp easier to use. I will add these handles to all of my woodworking rasps and files then make a few more removable handles for my saw files and mill files. The used brass ferrule shown I bought at Lee Valley for a few pennies and the piece of Teak used was 1.5″ round and 7″ long. Take note that if using a pole lathe the piece needs to be a bit longer than the intended handle so you have a place to run the drive cord. You might be surprise just how easy it is to slice through a drive cord while turning. Don’t ask me how I know this

The birdcage awl I highlighted is made by Shenandoah Toolworks and these are now in production.

The music in today’s episode is thanks to Underhill Rose and is called “Helpless Wanderer”. If you like it please go support these talented ladies in their new Kickstarter campaign for their new album. It should be another hit.

…and yes, this is that Underhill…

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