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RWW 178 Workshop Remodel Part 2

9 years ago

Plywood shop wallMy shop remodel is crawling along at a pace of about 4 hours of work a week but it is getting there. I think the details will come together very quickly and in no time I’ll be back at the bench working on projects. What I’m desperately trying to avoid is getting back to work on projects while leaving part of the remodel unfinished. I tend to do that sometimes.

Anyway, I have started hanging the plywood sheathing. I’m using an import Birch C2 plywood. I went with a full 3/4″ thick so that I have the ability to hang things on the wall anywhere I like without needing to located studs. Though I’m sure I’ll still use the studs for anything really heavy like my tool cabinet. To fasten the plywood I’m using Power Head screws for simple and fast application plus a cool industrial, exposed fastener look. As an added bonus the big heads on the screws give my new magnetic footed tripod a place to grab so you may notice a few shots in this video taken right along wall line. In those my iPhone camera is magically sticking to the wall.

I also show how to capture an angle then bisect it to cut a mitered wrap around my gas line soffit. Along the way perhaps you will also see that hand tools and plywood don’t need to be afraid of one another.

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