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RWW 179 Shop Remodel Part 3

9 years ago
assembling tool cabinet interior

Putting the pieces together inside the cabinet

This time I hang the rest of the plywood on my “feature” wall and for those who thought I was burying an outlet in the wall, you can all relax as I cut the outlet holes this time.
With the plywood up it is time to install the Cherry cap for the soffit over the gas line and I’ll be duplicating this process around the other 3 walls of the shop where I’m only running plywood 40″ up from the floor to the height of the cinder block. Plus I get to pull out the hand tools again thank goodness!

Then I finally hang my tool cabinet (final project of Hand Tool School Semester 1) in its rightful place using the mother of all french cleats. The elements are coming together and I’m really liking it!

Next time I destroy some more cabinets then plug something in?!

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