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RWW 185 Picnic Style Dining Table Part 3

making a through mortiseThis time I focus on joining together the trestle base of the the dining table. Chopping massive through mortises is one thing but centering them on an X leg design was interesting and fortunately I had my bevel gauges handy to make the layout go smoothly. Then it was time to cut big tenons and create a wedge tusk and mortise to draw everything up really tight.

This entire episode was shot on my iPhone up in the wilds of Maine. It is a good testament to the fact that a small tool set and any open space will work as a workshop. As far as a workbench, I think you’ll see in this episode that any old surface will make a ghetto fabulous workbench. I did write a little about my “workbench” in this shop in a previous post if you are interested.

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