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RWW 200 The Campaign Stool

This project is a fun one because it involves very little stock and can be completed in a few hours, even when turning on a spring pole lathe! I should really call this stool “I get by with a little help from my friends” because so much of it is outsourced. All is did was rive and turn 3 legs then put it together with specialized hardware and a stunning leather seat that were both purchased from others.

As an introductory project for woodturning, this can’t be beat because it touches on some fundamental skills and forces you to duplicate them for 3 legs. I had a lot of fun with this and my plan to make a 3rd stool for myself just turned into the need to make a 4th as well since my wife wants one too! Thanks to Christoper Schwarz for revitalizing this form and to Lee Valley and TX Heritage Woodworks for stepping up with the accessories to make this stool that much easier to realize.

Project Resources

campaign stool carrying strapAlso I asked the question at the end of the video about where to attach the carrying strap and Jason at TX Heritage came through with his solution to attach the strap just below the cups of the seat. That makes the most sense as it is inconspicuous yet also makes for efficient carrying as the loop around the feet makes a shoulder strap.

So go make a stool! I plan to throw this over my shoulder next time I go fishing.

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