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RWW #7: Sharpening Turning Tools

This week I discuss not so much how to go about sharpening your turning tools as the jigs today make it very easy, but tips and points to remember when sharpening your turning tools. Plus it is really hard to talk about it rather than showing you. Check out the link below to Woodsmith Magazines latest video podcast on the same topic.

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1. Repeatability is key
2. Honing strengthens the edge along with making it sharper
3. Use the burr on scrapers to your advantage
4. Shaping and Sharpening are different beasts: shape once and sharpen often.

Today’s Links:

Great FX Business Cards where I got my great cards
Woodcraft: Their having a sale on all Sorby turning tools and some great pen kits
Woodworking Online’s Turning Tool sharpening podcast

Craig Steven’s
site and his excellent interviews

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