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Shop Update for 10/28/16: Workbench Questions

Everybody’s Favorite: Workbench Questions

Last week’s shop tour prompted an onslaught of workbench questions. Not sure why I should be surprised. Everybody loves to talk about workbenches. I’d say I got about 25 emails but they all boiled down to just 4 points:

  • What’s the deal with the sliding thingy the back of your bench?
  • Why are your dog holes so far from the edge?
  • Do you ever use that end vise?
  • Tell me about that planing stop
  • How tall is your bench and what’s the ideal height?

Check out the Panel Clamp Video to see me build an effective clamp with Veritas hardware and homemade hardware

Did I Miss Anything?

If you have other workbench questions about my bench or one you are/want to build, let me know. Like everybody else, I like talking about benches too!

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