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Shop Update for 1/13/17: Gearing Up for a Bookcase

Streaming Live, A Bookcase!

Several of The Hand Tool School community members have embarked on a group build of a bookcase taken from Christopher Schwarz’s Anarchist’s Design Book. So I figured I had better build along too. But since I hadn’t planned on this project, I figured I would have some fun with it and stream the build live via my YouTube channel. I imagine the whole build will take about 6 hours and I’ll be streaming for 3, 1 hour periods which should cover all the primary stuff and the repetition can go on off camera.

I will be posting the recordings of these live sessions here as well.

Live Build Schedule

  • Saturday, January 14th 11am – 12 pm eastern time: breaking down stock and making panels
  • Sunday, January 15th 11am – 12 pm eastern time: Dado and Groove Joinery
  • Monday, January 16th 12 pm – 1 pm eastern time: Assembly and Finish

Best laid plans right? We’ll see how I stick to this schedule

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